Special Issue on Digitalisation and Self-Perpetuation

In recent years, new qualities in the way that information technology permeates economic and social spheres—referred to generally as ‘digitalisation’—have spurred considerable discussion (Langley/Leyshon 2017; Pfeiffer 2017, 2018). Digitalisation is thought to carry the seeds of fundamental societal change, and far-reaching changes are indeed expected in the organisation of work. Within the multitude of highly differentiated working worlds, digitalisation is being accepted, negotiated and given form in very different ways and with varying and interdependent consequences.

In the course of this, processes of self-perpetuation (Verselbständigung) with wholly new qualities are emerging (Kallinikos 2011; Malsch & Schulz-Schaeffer 2007). Dynamics of scalability and acceleration are common – especially in the platform economy (Choudary 2015; Huws 2017), but even more important is the extent to which human tasks are being delegated to technology by means of autonomous machine-learning algorithms that make selection, optimisation and problem-solving decisions (Decker et al. 2017).

In this special issue of “Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation” we want to examine these aspects.  Contributions (articles of 6,000 words max.) can be submitted until 31st January, 2022. More information can be found in the full Call.

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