EGOS 2023 Call for Short Papers Sub-theme 72 “Spaces for Creativity and Innovation within and across Organizational Boundaries”

The need for novel and useful solutions seems in society greater than ever before. Organizations, but also interorganizational arrangements such as networks, communities, platforms and technological consortia have to organize creative processes in order to contribute innovative products and services and/or excel with innovative structures and processes in more or less competitive environments. The locus of creativity and innovation with new knowledge, products or processes takes place many times while passing of organizational boundaries into what was termed: “in-between spaces” (Yström & Agogué, 2020). These were characterized as spaces between actors that are created by and simultaneously are creating social interactions and constitute collaborations and lead to creativity and innovation. For the creative process to unfold its dynamic and become institutionalized, another level of interactions needs to be included. Creative processes critically rely on the ‘middleground’, which consists of intermediary groups and communities that link the informal communities of the underground with the formal organizations from the ‘upperground’. Finally, there are issues that can constrain creative andinnovative processes in such in-between spaces.

For this sub-theme, we particularly welcome papers that adopt such process- or practice-based perspectives (Fortwengel, Schüßler & Sydow (2017) and focus on micro-level mechanisms, organizational and network-based analysis. We invite contributions that advance, contest, or change our understanding of “in-between spaces” collaborative knowledge creation and that are open to new core questions in organization and management theory. Short papers can be submitted until January 10th, 2023. More information can be found in the full Call for Papers.

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